Frequently Asked Questions from our Members

Get to know Creative Pension Trust with these commonly asked questions and answers:

Can I continue to contribute to Creative Pension Trust if I leave my current employer?

If your new Employer uses Creative Pension Trust as their chosen Workplace Pension Scheme provider for their employee pension scheme you can continue to contribute through them.

Can I still opt out after my opt-out window expires?

You can still choose to leave after your opt-out window has expired but any contributions that have been deducted from your pay will not be refunded. These contributions will be invested into your pension account.

You can opt out by contacting us or using our interactive online process.

Can I transfer benefits in and out of Creative Pension Trust?

Yes, Creative Pension Trust allows you to consolidate pensions in your Creative Pension Trust account so everything is in one place. For example, you can transfer in personal pension pots or pensions from former employments. You can also transfer benefits out to other approved Pension Schemes.

Charges may apply and may also be levied by a third party where you have appointed someone to undertake this work on your behalf, such as a Financial Adviser.

How can I take my pension and what are my retirement options?

There are many ways you can choose to take your pension. The normal retirement age for Creative Pension Trust is 65, but you can take your pension from as early as age 55 or you can choose to defer your retirement until later. To find out more about your retirement choices, visit the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal.

How can I tell if Creative Pension Trust is governed to a high standard?

Creative Pension Trust is regulated by the Pensions Regulator and must comply with a number of Codes of Best Practice issued by them.

The Scheme must also be independently audited each year in accordance with set auditing standards which apply across all Trust based Pension Schemes.

In addition, the Trustees have attained the Master Trust Assurance Framework (MAF) accreditation for the Scheme. This is a voluntary process that involves a further independent and audited review of the Scheme’s processes and controls against industry best practice standards.

How do I increase my contributions?

You should inform your employer of the additional amount of contribution you would like to make. This is normally handled by your payroll or HR department.

How do I know if I can afford to retire?

You can see the current value of your pension and create a projection of the estimated retirement benefits from the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal. The normal retirement date for the scheme is 65, but you can retire from age 55 or continue working after age 65. To find out what State Pension benefits you might be entitled to you might like to use this calculator.

How do I log into the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal?

To log in to the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal for the first time you will need  your National Insurance Number and Date Of Birth to hand.

You will also be required to provide your email address. You will then be able to set up your own user profile so that you can access your own records at any time.

How do I opt out?

You can opt out if you have received an Enrolment Notice – you have to be a member of the pension to opt out.

Once you have received your Enrolment Notice, your opt-out window starts and this lasts for 30 days.

If you opt out during your opt-out window, you will be refunded the pension contributions that have been deducted from your salary. You can opt out by contacting us or using our interactive online process.

What happens if I leave my current employer?

During the pay period after you have received your final pay cheque, your employer will inform us that you have left their employment.

At this point we will arrange for you to receive a leaver’s pack, which provides the options available to you. These options will include leaving your benefits in Creative Pension Trust or transferring to another approved Pension Scheme.

What happens to my contributions?

On joining the Creative Pension Trust your contributions will automatically be invested in the Default Investment Strategy unless you have chosen other investments.

More information about the Default Investment Strategy and the other investment options available can be found by logging in to your own online account.

What happens to my pension if I die before retirement?

You can tell us what you would like to happen to your pension if you were to die before taking it by nominating beneficiaries – the people you would like to inherit your fund if you died before being able to use it. You may, for example, want the whole fund to go to your spouse or partner, or you may want to split the fund into different amounts to go to different people.

By nominating your beneficiaries, we can identify and contact your loved ones and pay them a lump sum according to your wishes, subject to the usual checks and rules.

To make your nominations or to change existing ones you can log in to the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal.

What is Creative Pension Trust?

Creative Pension Trust is a national Workplace Pension Scheme chosen by your Employer to fulfil their Auto Enrolment obligations and give you a secure and efficient place to save for your retirement.

There are many different types of pension scheme: Creative Pension Trust is a Master Trust scheme, which is a single scheme that allows many employers to participate in order to provide a pension to their employees without having to establish and manage their own company pension.

What is the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal for?

It is important that you login to the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal regularly as this is where you can access important information, member communications and information such as your fund value.

You can also use the Member Portal to ensure you keep your contact details up to date so we don’t lose touch with you.

When can I take my pension?

The UK government allows you to take pension benefits from schemes like Creative Pension Trust from age 55. In the event of serious ill health, you may be able to take benefits from your pension earlier than 55. You can find out more about your retirement options once you have reached age 55 in the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal.

When will my employer start making pension deductions from my pay?

This will typically be in the payroll period following which you have been automatically enrolled.

The terms under which you are automatically enrolled into a pension scheme are set by the Government and you will be notified when this applies to you.

Based on the Government’s normal criteria, this is typically after you have been with your Employer for 3 months.

Who administers the pension scheme?

Creative Pension Trust is administered by a specialist third party Scheme Administrator, HS Administrative Services Ltd.

Their processes, systems and controls are also independently assessed against the AAF 01/06 Auditing standard (relevant for third party Scheme Administrators), and they have attained this audit accreditation for many years.

You will sometimes receive emails from them informing you of important documents that are available for you to review (such as newsletters, your annual benefit statements or retirement information).

Who manages Creative Pension Trust?

Creative Pension Trust is governed by a number of Independent Professional Trustees who are not affiliated in any way to the scheme sponsor, Creative Auto Enrolment Ltd.

The Trustees are responsible for ensuring Creative Pension Trust is governed to a high standard and for looking after the interests of its members.

Who regulates Creative Pension Trust?

Creative Pension Trust is regulated by the Pensions Regulator (tPR). The Pensions Regulator have granted full master trust authorisation to Creative Pension Trust, meaning the scheme meets or exceeds all of the rigourous standards required by the regulator for the protection of pension scheme members.

Why do you need my email address?

All information and communications from Creative Pension Trust are provided electronically to ensure swift and safe delivery of personal information about your plan.

This is much safer than communicating sensitive information via post. You can confidentially provide your preferred email address when you set up your own user profile through the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal.

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