The world is changing, and so too must we. The challenge of global warming and its likely impacts demand a response, and we must play our role as a good corporate citizen with the power to influence and create the positive changes needed to reduce our impact on the planet.

To deliver a settlement that meets our responsibilities to the planet and to our members demands a long-term plan and Creative Pension Trust is committed to building one.

Listening to our members

As a Trust run for the benefit of our members, we asked for their views regarding investments that focus on positive Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) outcomes.

72% of members tell us Environmental, Social and Governance issues are important to them.

Over 80% would not be happy to pay higher charges in order to invest in funds that focus on Environmental, Social and Governance commitments.

Over 65% would consider investing in funds that focus on Environmental, Social and Governance commitments.

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The Challenge

Our members’ views clearly illustrate both the potential appetite for investing in organisations with strong Environmental, Social and Governance credentials and the challenge of doing so in a way that is not financially detrimental to members.

When it comes to adapting our investment portfolio, our processes, strategy, and governance to put a greater focus on ESG, a considered and sustainable approach must be achieved. To us, this means:

  • Avoiding immediate or short-term changes that fail to address the longer term objectives in a sustainable way
  • Avoiding short term actions that may create material detriment to our members and their long term financial wellbeing
  • Continuing to listen to our members and ensuring our approach considers all views on Environmental, Social and Governance matters
  • Avoiding short term actions that may lead to other unintended negative consequences

ZeroByFifty and FiftyByThirty – our goals to reach Net Zero

Creative Pension Trust announced its programme to achieve Net Zero status on carbon emissions in August 2021. This applies to all member investments under management by 2050 with an interim target of 50% reduction by 2030.

The Board of Trustees has agreed the ZeroByFifty and FiftyByThirty initiatives following the commitments that have been given by Creative Pension Trust’s underlying investment fund managers and annual progress reports on these commitments will begin starting in 2022.

What we are working on

Our taskforce is working extensively towards the further development of our ESG programme, which includes priorities such as:

  • Identifying how we will further integrate ESG matters across our strategy, systems and processes
  • Setting the metrics we will use to establish its impact
  • Developing the framework to scrutinise underlying investment funds on ESG matters and performance
  • Adopting Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations

As a major national workplace pension provider serving over 15,000 organisations, it is our responsibility to create an ESG strategy that is long term, measurable and sustainable. Both our Board of Trustees and their advisers are continuing this important work to ensure it is both responsibly developed and successfully implemented. In doing so, we can play our role in improving sustainability and societal impact.

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