Members (Creative Pension Trust)

Valuing your pension

Find out how your pension is invested and how it is performing

You can find out how your pension is performing and how your savings are being invested using the Member Portal.

How your pension savings are invested

Creative Pension Trust’s default investment strategy (for members who have not or do not want to make their own investment choices) spreads your savings so you are less reliant on the performance of any one single investment and can benefit from different kinds of investment.

If you’ve chosen your own pension investment fund(s), you might be aware of bigger falls in the value of your pension pot right now. That’s because some of the funds available are more heavily invested in stocks (company shares).

You can find out where your pension funds are invested in the ‘Your Pension’ section of your Member Portal, where you can also download fund fact sheets, which provide more information about how your money is invested.

Should you switch investments?

We can’t give financial advice in these types of scenarios, but it is very important to remember that your pension is designed for long-term savings to support you in retirement. Therefore, the most sensible thing can be to focus on your future and wait it out.

You might want to discuss your options with an authorised financial adviser or The Pensions Advisory Service, which is free and impartial, and part of the government’s Money and Pensions Advice Service.

You’ll find more information in the “Useful Information” section of your Member Portal.