Work with The Creatives and form a truly super team. Become an auto enrolment superhero by saving your business time, hassle and risk.

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Meet The Creatives

We’re experts in helping accountants, payroll bureaus and professional advisers grow auto enrolment superpowers – ones that protect your clients and your reputation and give you back your time by making auto enrolment faster. And we’ve got a team of trusty sidekicks to help you out whenever you’re in a fix.

By following our process, you can protect your clients from needing to be rescued. With Creative, there is zero margin for errors that can lead to ‘reportable events’ which landed 49,000 employers* in trouble with the Pensions Regulator.

Let The Creatives protect you and your clients:

*The Pension Regulator report, period ending 31/03/2019, 2017-2018 data

Creative Auto Enrolment includes:

  • Unique, 100% auto enrolment compliance guarantee (follow our end-to-end process and you can’t go wrong)
  • Hassle-free process that runs after you close payroll
  • Cloud-based software – always up to date, no payroll add-ons needed
  • Dedicated portal to easily manage all your clients
  • UK-based helpline with auto enrolment experts on hand to support you
  • Complete service – upload your payroll and we handle everything
  • Pre-accepted terms for all your clients via Creative Pension Trust

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Our friendly, responsive experts are here to help whenever you need, answering over 6,000 auto enrolment technical enquiries per month.


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1, 2 Jan 2020 Customer Satisfaction Survey. 3 Nov 2020 Customer Satisfaction Survey. 4 Our auto enrolment system performance: 100% uptime with no unplanned downtime. From time to time, we perform upgrades during periods of low or no usage. All users receive advanced notice before planned upgrades and maintenance are performed.

Become Your Own Superhero

Take the next step to protecting businesses from compliance apocalypses and terrible time wasters— gain the power of an auto enrolment superhero! Joining forces with The Creatives means you and your clients can avoid the compliance mishaps that can lead to serious regulatory fines.

With the Creatives, you can save huge amounts of time by stopping painfully long and unreliable processes in their tracks. It’s easy to switch, you won’t need to change payroll software and there aren’t any payroll add-ons.

Switching to Creative and saving time, hassle and risk puts the power back in your hands.

Don’t let painful auto enrolment be your kryptonite:

It was taking 4-5 minutes to process each client’s payroll file. With Creative, it’s 45 seconds on average. Multiply that by 50 payrolls a week and that’s a serious amount of time that I can put back into offering my clients valuable support.

David LoganPrincipal Director | Oak Team Associates

Join The Creatives and form a truly super team. The simplicity, security and support that comes with Creative means having everything you need to save the day.