Accountable to our community

Our work in the community is chosen, managed, and overseen by volunteers throughout our organisation, not by a corporate PR team.

It’s not about how we want to be seen – it’s about doing the right thing. When it comes being a good neighbour in our community and an accountable corporate citizen, the buck stops with each and every one of us. That’s why our activities are selected, managed, and coordinated by volunteers across our organisation, who are funded and supported by Creative’s leadership team.

Supporting our local community

From our home in Croydon, we support important causes that support those in our local community:

Croydon Drop In provides a borough wide service through an outreach team, including their mobile unit, TALKBUS. The team supports youth and young adults between the ages of 11 – 25 years by offering counselling, advice, and family support sessions.

Our activities supported the running of this valuable service and promotion of mental health amongst younger people in the borough.

Caring for children of ages 4 -16 with complex physical disabilities, medical needs, speech and language difficulties and a range of learning difficulties, St Giles’ vision is to ‘give every child opportunity to be the best that they can be’.

Our activities supported the purchase of sensory equipment for St. Giles’ pupils.

Supporting important causes

From bake sales to night-time hikes, Easter egg hunts and Christmas jumper competitions, we proudly support our people in their wide-ranging efforts to raise money and awareness for many national charities, including:

Supporting the planet

The challenge of global warming and its likely impacts demand a response, and we must play our role as a good corporate citizen with the power to influence and create the positive changes needed to reduce our impact on the planet.

As a leading national workplace pension provider, we are working towards a long-term plan that marries our responsibilities to the planet and to members of Creative Pension Trust.

We have listened to the views expressed by our members and, having established our Environmental, Social and Governance Strategy (ESG) Taskforce, we have taken positive steps providing choice in how their money is invested.

Our Board of Trustees and their advisers are continuing the important work of delivering an ESG strategy that is responsibly developed and successfully deployed. In doing so, we can play our role in improving sustainability and driving positive societal impact.

72% of members tell us Environmental, Social and Governance issues are important to them1

Over 65% would consider investing in funds that focus on Environmental, Social and Governance commitments1

1 Creative Pension Trust Member Survey, 2020

What we have achieved to date

As we develop our long-term strategy, we continue to seek and make positive changes through a process of continuous improvement across our structure.

1. Establishing our taskforce
Our Board of Trustees have a standing agenda item for ESG integration at every regular meeting, and we are working closely with our investment partners and underlying fund managers.

2. Introduction of Ethical Fund option
We have introduced a high-quality Ethical Fund option for members seeking to ensure their money is invested for good via organisations that are committed to high ESG standards.

3. UN Principles for Responsible Investment Standards
All fund managers utilised within our investment fund range are signatories to the UN PRI Standards and UK Stewardship Code, which provide a framework of voluntary actions for incorporating ESG issues into investment management and practice. Our 3 most significant underlying investment partners – Legal & General, Blackrock and State Street Global Investors – have a median UN PRI “Strategy & Governance” score of “A” and have ESG and Climate Change policies.

4. ESG and Climate Change Modelling
Our Investment Partners, Mobius Life, utilise climate modelling in the investment process and conduct an annual questionnaire process with all fund managers.

What we are working on

Our taskforce is working extensively towards the further development of our ESG programme, which includes priorities such as:

  • Identifying how we will further integrate ESG matters across our strategy, systems and processes
  • Setting the metrics we will use to establish its impact
  • Developing the framework to scrutinise underlying investment funds on ESG matters and performance
  • Adopting Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

(TCFD) recommendations
As a major national workplace pension provider serving over 15,000 organisations, it is our responsibility to create an ESG strategy that is long term, measurable and sustainable. Both our Board of Trustees and their advisers are continuing this important work to ensure it is both responsibly developed and successfully implemented. In doing so, we can play our role in improving sustainability and societal impact.

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